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Ultimate Guide To Sofa Beds For Your Home

One of the most convenient creations ever created, you may have never pauses to think about where this handy two in one piece comes from. Folding out your sofa bed (or settee) can be an inventive idea when it first hits you- but why did they decide on converting a bedroom into something other than just another flat surface?

So you're about to unfold your sofa bed or settee for the first time. You may be wondering where this convenient two-in one piece of furniture came from, right. Well we have good news - it's not as modern and recent an invention as most people think! In fact, over a hundred years ago designers were already envisioning how they could pack more living space into small spaces with these convertibles that folds out from both sides like bookends on either end but then can also lay flat when needed.

As you fold out your sofa bed, have you ever paused to ponder the origins of this convenient creation. You may think that it is a relatively modern invention but in actuality they’ve been around for quite some time. Over 100 years ago people had already thought about converting one room into another with an adjustable surface area- perfect as both bedroom furniture or living space! However there were several different interpretations before we got what we know today: namely two versatile pieces called sofa beds".

The idea of the wall Bed is one that has been around for quite some time. It was patented in America as early 1900’s and development happened due to Irish born New Yorker William Murphy who wanted a way to have his space when he went out during off hours or had guests over at any given moment without having an actual bedroom available just so someone could sleep over once every few weeks.

In addition, it seems this man created these beds because there were moral codes back then which suggested women shouldn't be alone inside men's homes - even though they are living spaces too themselves.

One of the first convertibles was a bed that could be folded up and stored away when not in use. This Irish-born New Yorker, William Murphy wanted his small apartment to have more room for living space so he designed this innovative way to let people sleep close together during their day as well as save someplace where they didn't need much else besides food/water (and maybe clothing).

One of the first convertibles to grace American soil was a bed that could be hidden when not in use. Irish-born New Yorker William Murphy wanted his apartment's living quarters smaller, so he created this wall pressed against one side and projector on top with headboard attached at both ends (1). It is thought by some experts(2), though not all agree because there are no records documenting its origin during World War I or II timeframes where these types if beds became popular throughout America - which makes sense since they were designed specifically for hideaways.
Sarah E. Goode, an African American woman who was born into slavery and became one of the first black Americans to receive a patent in 1885 for her remarkable invention:

The Double Purpose Bed:

This cabinet-bed could be transformed from sleeping quarters into a work desk with writing compartments inside. Sarah E Goode was an inventress and entrepreneur who, after moving with her husband to Chicago from slavery in 1865 became one of the very first black women granted patents by US when she created this remarkable double-purpose bed. Her invention transformed into furniture store where customers could purchase both used as well new pieces made specifically for their needs which included writing desks with stationery compartments inside.

The idea of a bed that folds in the middle was not new, but Black-American inventor and banker Leonard C. Bailey’s “Hide A Bed" caught society's eye when he patented it during 1899.(4). The U S Army saw its potential for transportability as well as storage which led them to adopt this design across many campsites all over America including those avid campers who wanted more space at their disposal while still being able bring everything needed with no hassle or weight gain from extra baggage carrying around on hikes through nature preserves.

The bed that folds in the middle is an invention from Black American inventor and banker, Leonard C. Bailey who patented it during 1899 (4). This design caught on with campers everywhere because not only does this type of camping equipment make packing easier but also provides more comfort when sleeping outdoors or if you're simply away for awhile at your parents house.

In the early 1920s, a young furniture salesman named Bernard Castro moved from Italy to America in search of his own "American Dream". His hope was that by creating an affordable sofa bed he could provide Americans with quality sleepers and make enough money doing so for both himself as well as supporting large families back home. That same year (1931), this humble mattress maker created what would come to be known around town simply 'The Castros' - their first successful product: The Convertible Sofa Bed.

When the first sofa bed went on sale in America, it was an Italian furniture maker's dream come true. The design came about when cigar smoker and craftsman Bernard Castro moved from Sicily to pursue his American Dream at just 15 years old; he created what would eventually become known as "Castro Convertibles" after designing a better way for people wanting extra seating space inside their homes without taking up too much floor room with bulky sofas that took up half your living area-not anymore!

The first sofa bed was created in the 1930s, and it came from Italy. It's thanks to an ambitious young furniture maker named Bernard Castro that we have this new innovation: The Convertible Sofa.

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