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Select the Perfect Chair Beds For Your Space

Chair beds are becoming a requirement in our homes in order to keep our active social life, so here is a tutorial on how to measure your space for a sofa bed to guarantee you make the proper selection. With flats and houses getting smaller by the day, or should we say more expensive by the day, it's becoming more common for our friends and family to crash on our sofas or on the floor mattresses.

Furl is inspired by functional design, thus we create chair beds that can be used every night. Gone are the days when you had to wake up with a nagging spring in your back or roll out onto the floor. If you're still skeptical or think it's too wonderful to be true, come see for yourself at our Showroom, don't worry if you fall asleep. We'll take it as a compliment. However, measuring your area for a sofa bed is critical; not only must you consider where the sofa will go and how you intend to use it, but you must also consider access so that your chair beds appears to be custom-made for the space, regardless of its size.

With later working days, the first thing we all want to do when we get home is relax and unwind on the sofa in front of the television. When living in a compact place with only enough room for one sofa, it's common to desire to choose the largest sofa available. When planning out your room, keep in mind to provide enough place for a side table or coffee table to carry your drink and literature. Of course, when it comes to Sofa Beds, the bigger the sofa, the bigger the bed. When deciding which size of couch bed is best for your area, this will undoubtedly be a major consideration.

Take down the dimensions from our website. Our chair beds often have multiple arm widths, which impacts the overall size. Examine the various arm options available for each model and take them into account when determining the couch size in your space. Before you buy a chair bed, make sure you measure your living room for the final specification (including all of the options that may impact the measurements).

Top Tip:

The best way to measure is to use masking tape to map out the dimensions of the sofa onto the floor, just like we propose in our Guide to Measuring for a chair Bed. You should leave at least 40cm between the sofa and the coffee table so you can comfortably go around the coffee table to the sofa bed.

You should have at least 30cm on one or both sides of the chair bed in the ideal situation. This means that when it's open, your visitors will have easy access to the bed. Of course, the more space you have, the easier it will be for your visitors to get around. To open the chair bed, you'll need a length of around 210cm. Because most of our sofa beds have a 205cm opening length, keep this in mind while arranging your sofa.

Top Tip:

When the sofa is closed or open as a bed, make sure you can still open any doors. If you're moving into a new place and don't yet have access to the space, don't worry. Send us your floor plan or measurements, and we'll let you know which size would be the best match. Most of our chair beds come in five different sizes, allowing you to choose from five different mattress sizes.

The mechanism is kept as close to the Sofa frame as possible, and any opening dimensions are kept as small as possible. If you have your heart set on a particular model but it doesn't quite fit, please contact us. We may be able to trim a few of millimetres off each arm (or more if necessary) to achieve a perfect fit because we create all of our goods to order in the UK.

Top Tip:

If you choose a three-seater couch, the mattress size inside will always be the same, regardless of the variance in overall width between the models. The overall size of the chair bed is determined by the arm size. If you choose a Three-Seater with a slim arm, for example, the mattress will be the same size as if you choose a three-seater with a wide arm.

Top Tip:

Choose the slimmer arm option on any of the models if you're short on room or have a small space.

Assessing Accessibility:

After you've determined the size of bed you'll need and the size of Chair Bed that will fit in your space, the following step is to measure the access. However, we appreciate the importance of small spaces and strive to make our deliveries as easy as possible. If you choose our Home Installation option, our Sofa Beds are delivered in parts and constructed on site by our own delivery team.

Despite how simple things are, we nevertheless recommend measuring all of the room's entry points, especially if the space is limited or if you plan to build a cinema room in the attic or a playroom in the basement. Is the height of your door no less than the breadth of the mattress in your chair bed? If that's the case, make sure the access is large enough to move the item in the opposite direction. When it about comfort you can also check Single Futon also.

How tall are you when it comes to stairwells? Do you believe you'd be able to maneuver pieces around this area?

Consider any other things, such as picture frames, radiators, or light fixtures, that may take up some of your space in corridors or entranceways. The foldable mechanism containing the bed will be the major portion of the sofa bed. Regardless of the size you choose, this is the breadth of the mattress.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're planning a den room in a secluded location and have any questions about access. Our delivery team will deliver your chair beds to your room, build it for you, and then remove any packaging. All you have to do now is turn on the kettle.
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